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Kohlschütter's syndrome is a combination of amelogenesis imperfecta, progressive mental retardation and epileptic seizures. We report on a patient with typical signs of this syndrome. Beneath severe enamal defects of teeth, the patient has been suffering from progressive mental and motoric retardation from the age of six months. Although there is pathologic(More)
In this case report, we present a three year old boy who suffered an amputation of his left index finger at the level of the nail base (proximal zone I) caused by a scissor cut. Following referral to a center with hand surgical and pediatric care, successful replantation was achieved and postoperative pediatric care ensured finger perfusion. Three months(More)
Thromboembolism of the vena cava, the venae iliaca communis, externa, femoralis, poplitea, and the fibular vein group of the left lower limb was diagnosed in a 13 year old girl. Several thrombogenic risk factors (APC-resistence, homocystinuria, contraception, smoking) were identified. Due to painful symptoms and for prevention of postthrombotic syndrome(More)
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