Th. Wagner

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Solution-processing offers a pathway to fabricate complex chalcogenide structures for electronic, imaging and photonic applications. More importantly, it has benefits in flexibility and integration as compared to conventional methods. This paper reviews the fundamental physics and chemistry in the solution process, along with discussing recent examples of(More)
This paper presents a new technique for fabricating thick (>10µm) chalcogenide multilayer structures. Films of arbitrary thicknesses are readily achieved through spin-coating, lamination and baking. For homogeneous systems, layer interfaces can be effectively removed by annealing above T g. Alternatively, heterogeneous multilayer films can be realized by(More)
An etch-free and cost-effective deposition and patterning method to fabricate mid-infrared chalcogenide glass waveguides for chemical sensing applications is introduced. As 2 S 3 raised strip optical waveguides are produced by casting a liquid solution of As 2 S 3 glass in capillary channel molds formed by soft lithography. Mid-IR transmission is(More)
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