Th. Strasser

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In a cooperative study coordinated by WHO, stroke was registered between 1971 and 1974 in 17 centres both in developing and developed countries. A common operating protocol was used to obtain comparable data. Age-adjusted incidence of stroke shows moderate geographical variations, cerebrovascular accidents being common in all the contrasting populations(More)
Many studies of atherosclerosis have indicated hyperlipidaemia as a predisposing factor to vascular disease. The relationship holds even for mild degrees of hyperlipidaemia, a fact that underlines the importance of this category of disorders. Both primary and secondary hyperlipidaemias represent such a variety of abnormalities that an internationally(More)
It is well known that combinations of risk factors result in higher risk than their mere sum. The present paper describes, in quantitative terms, the differences between risks pertaining to equal blood pressure elevations at different constellations with other risk factors (smoking and hypercholesterolaemia). From the practical point of view, this concept(More)
A WHO-coordinated study of the community control of hypertension in six countries (Cuba, Finland, France, Italy, Mongolia and Portugal) has shown that a comprehensive approach clearly improves the care of hypertensives in various populations. Hypertension control programmes were individually designed in each country and were implemented in defined(More)
Im Rahmen einer Studie zur Erfassung von Risikofaktoren die möglicherweise zu kardiovaskulären Erkrankungen im späteren Lebensalter führen, wurde eine Gruppe von 14-jährigen Schweizer Schülern und Schülerinnen untersucht. Diese Untersuchung erfolgte im Schuljahr 1977/1978 im Rahmen des schulärztlichen Dienstes. Die statistische Verteilung folgender Faktoren(More)
Hypertension control is a complex process with many facets; it is dependent upon many factors, e.g., local culture, economic factors, and organization of health care. Examples from the practice of hypertension control in Europe are quoted to illustrate various levels of such activities, their scope, and the methods used. Different operational approaches are(More)