Th. P. B. M. Suurmeijer

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As part of an international European research project, a longitudinal study was started by the end of 1990 in the northern part of The Netherlands. The study concentrated on recently diagnosed RA patients (N=292), i.e., incident cases up to four years. According to the duration of the disease, five groups of patients had been formed. The early influence of(More)
Citation for published version (APA): Demange, V., Guillemin, F., Suurmeijer, T. P., Moum, T., Doeglas, D., Briancon, S., & van den Heuvel, W. J. (2004). Are there more than cross-sectional relationships of social support and support networks with functional limitations and psychological distress in early rheumatoid arthritis? the European Research on(More)
Traditionally, patient education is based on two myths : 1) increases in patients' knowledge lead to changes in behavior and 2) changes in behavior (exercise, pain management techniques) improve health status (pain, disability, depression). There it little evidence in the arthritis patient education literature that changes in knowledge or behavior improve(More)
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