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  • Th Henze
  • Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie
  • 1996
Cholinesterase inhibitors are still important in the treatment of myasthenic patients. Therapeutic principles, indications and adverse effects are discussed in detail. Methods of pharmacological monitoring had been searched over many years. Besides determination of pyridostigmine plasma concentration, erythrocyte-bound acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity(More)
A 54-year-old female patient with a 10-year history of ventriculoperitoneal shunt resulting from communicating hydrocephalus of undetermined aetiology is reported. Transient gait disturbances and cerebral infarction at the age of 46 did not lead to further insights into the nature of the disease. After many years with only occasional disturbances, a(More)
While pain is a common problem in multiple sclerosis (MS) patients, it is frequently overlooked and has to be asked for actively. Pain can be classified into 4 diagnostically and therapeutically relevant categories. 1. PAIN DIRECTLY RELATED TO MS: Painful paroxysmal symptoms like trigeminal neuralgia or painful tonic spasms are treated with carbamazepine as(More)
Delirium is mental dysfunctions occurring as impaired attentional and memory systems with disturbances of consciousness, affectivity, psychomotor activity and sleep patterns. Numerous factors and underlying diseases may be responsible for these non-specific symptoms. Therefore, a thorough evaluation of preadmission history and current clinical status,(More)
54 jährige Patientin mit bereits 10 Jahre altem ventrikuloperitonealem Shunt wegen eines ätiologisch unklaren Hydrocephalus communicans. Eine passagere Gangstörung und ein Hirninfarkt mit 46 Jahren führten zu keiner weiteren Klärung der Krankheitsgenese. Nach langjähriger Zwischenphase mit gelegentlicher Verwirrung der Patientin trat ein ausgeprägtes(More)
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