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For the last eight years, microarray-based class prediction has been the subject of numerous publications in medicine, bioinformatics and statistics journals. However, in many articles, the assessment of classification accuracy is carried out using suboptimal procedures and is not paid much attention. In this paper, we carefully review various statistical(More)
The paper studies the extension of one of the basic issues of classical statistics to interval probability It is concerned with the Generalized Neyman Pearson problem i e an alternative testing problem where both hypotheses are described by interval probabi lity First the Huber Strassen theorem and the literature based on it is reviewed Then some results(More)
In some fields of biometrical research joint modelling of longitudinal measures and event time data has become very popular. This article reviews the work in that area of recent fruitful research by classifying approaches on joint models in three categories: approaches with focus on serial trends, approaches with focus on event time data and approaches with(More)
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