Thérèse Hirsbrunner

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In this study, we examine how brain damaged adults (aphasics, right-brain lesioned subjects (RBD), and demented subjects) perform a basic education skill: determining the cardinality of different sets of objects (dots). The RBD subjects encountered more difficulty with the spatial correspondence components of the task (correct pointing to the dots), while(More)
This case study examined whether the movement support based on Kinaesthetics furthers the body perception, movement abilities and functional independency of elderly nursing home residents with movement restrictions. Two elderly nursing home residents who showed a strong dependence (Barthel-Index II; 20-60 points) after a stroke and who were not previously(More)
The respective roles of the medial temporal lobe (MTL) structures in memory are controversial. Some authors put forward a modular account according to which episodic memory and recollection-based processes are crucially dependent on the hippocampal formation whereas semantic acquisition and familiarity-based processes rely on the adjacent parahippocampal(More)
At the Solothurn Hospitals (soH), 13 academically educated nurses are responsible for the development of nursing care with the goal to improve patient-oriented, effective, appropriate, and economic care. The strategy contains three priorities: a) expert care of single patients in demanding situations, b) sustained application of organisational methods such(More)
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