Thérèse Dieng

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We previously investigated malaria in the southern health district of the city of Dakar, which includes the oldest neighborhoods. In this study, we investigated malaria in the central health district, corresponding to the central area of the conurbation. The study was carried out at 12 sites, from March 1996 to February 1997. The sites were selected such(More)
Chloroquine resistance has been linked to mutations in the pfcrt and pfmdr1 genes of Plasmodium falciparum. To estimate the prevalence of the pfcrt K76T, pfmdr1 N86Y, and pfmdr1 D1246Y polymorphisms, isolates of P. falciparum from Senegal, West Africa, were analyzed, and the results were compared to in vitro chloroquine susceptibility. By the in vitro DELI(More)
To determine the predictive value of chloroquine (CQ) resistance markers in Senegal, Plasmodium falciparum DNA polymorphisms in pfmdr1and pfcrt were examined in relation to clinical outcome. Despite CQ treatment, 17% of patients had parasitemia after 28 days. Examination of molecular markers of CQ resistance revealed that 64% of all isolates had the T76(More)
The goal of the present study was to assess the evolution of the in vitro chloroquine resistance and also the prevalence of pfcrt T76 and pfmdr1 Y86 mutations in Pikine from 2000 while chloroquine (CQ) was the first-line treatment of malaria to 2009 when artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) are in use. We genotyped pfcrt K76T and pfmdr1 N86Y(More)
Cryptococcal meningitis is one of the most important opportunistic infection and a major contributor to early mortality. In sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in Senegal, prevalence of cryptococcal meningitis remains high. This study aimed to describe the epidemiology, laboratory profile, therapeutic and outcome of cases diagnosed in Dakar. We analyzed the(More)
The mature Taeniarhynchus saginatus spermatozoon exhibits an apical cone of electron-dense material and one helicoidal crest-like body roughly 50 nm thick. The axoneme is of the 9 + “1” Trepaxonemata pattern. It is surrounded by a periaxonemal sheath of electron-dense material. The cytoplasm is electron lucent and divided into compartments by(More)
In order to evaluate the in vivo efficacy of chloroquine in the treatment of P. falciparum malaria, studies have been carried out in Richard-Toll, Fatick and Tambacounda, 3 areas where dynamics of transmission, population movements, as well as prophylactic and curative practises are different. Failure rates in treatment were 13% in site 1 (Richard-Toll)(More)
To determine risk factors for fatal malaria in Senegalese children, a 3-year case-control study was carried out between October 1992 and November 1995 at the Albert Royer Hospital in Dakar. The case group included 52 children who died from documented malaria in the hospital. The matched control group consisted of children who responded favorably to hospital(More)
JUSTIFICATION The frequency of candidiasis has increased dramatically in recent years. Candida albicans is the most common species. However, other species which are pathogenic and resistant to usual antifungal agents beginning to emerge. These include Candida dubliniensis and Candida africana, which share morphological similarities with Candida albicans.(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to compare two cesarean section techniques Methodology. A prospective study was conducted UB 400 cesareans performed at the Gynecological and Obstetric Clinic of the Dakar Teaching Hospital between March 2000 and August 2000. Two hundred patients underwent the classical procedure (CL group) and the other 200 the Misgav(More)