Thérèse Buisseret

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Intraventricular meningiomas are rare, representing 0.5-5% of all intracranial meningiomas. They arise mostly within the lateral ventricles and more rarely in the third ventricle. Meningiomas of the fourth ventricle are exceptional. They are clearly defined as meningiomas arising from the choroid plexus and lying strictly within the fourth ventricle. We(More)
OBJECTIVE To report on the professional repercussions of an intravestibular schwannoma in a commercial airline pilot. PATIENTS The case of a single patient with a unilateral intravestibular schwannoma. INTERVENTION Return to a flying status with specific restrictions and under tight conditions depending on the outcomes of a mandatory periodic(More)
The usefulness of different magnetic resonance (MR) imaging sequences (coronal and sagittal spin-echo [SE] and three-dimensional fast low-angle shot [3D FLASH]) in the detection of pituitary microadenomas before and after gadolinium injection was prospectively evaluated in 28 patients with surgical confirmation. When evaluated separately, the most useful(More)
A patient with bilateral infarction in the mesodiencephalic region showed impairment of all downward rapid eye movements (including vestibulo-ocular movements) and foveal smooth pursuit (nondissociated downgaze paralysis) associated with monocular paralysis of elevation (vertical one-and-a-half syndrome). Bell's phenomenon and all types of horizontal eye(More)
Bromocriptine suppresses the duration and severity of clinical signs of experimental allergic encephalitis, which is considered as an animal model for multiple sclerosis (MS). We conducted an open pilot study with 2.5 mg of bromocriptine two times a day on 18 patients with clinically or laboratory-supported definite MS (10 with the relapsing-remitting form(More)
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The behavior of contrast enhancement between a microadenoma and the normal pituitary gland after gadolinium injection was evaluated in 12 operatively confirmed cases using a repetitive sequence of four coronal T1-weighted spin echo series (T1 SE) (continuous acquisition, TR = 400 ms), followed by conventional coronal T1 SE (TR = 600 ms) and a(More)
Pure sensory stroke predominantly results from lacunar infarction in the posteroventral nucleus of the thalamus. We report the history of a young nonhypertensive male presenting with pure sensory stroke due to hemorrhage of a small arteriovenous malformation in the dorsolateral part of the pons. In contrast to the extent of the lesion, only minor degree of(More)
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