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Complex regulation of T cell functions during pregnancy is required to ensure materno-fetal tolerance. Here we reveal a novel pathway for the temporary suppression of maternal T cell responses in uncomplicated human pregnancies. Our results show that arginase activity is significantly increased in the peripheral blood of pregnant women and remarkably high(More)
Overweight and obesity are common findings in women of reproductive age in the UK; as 32% of 35to 64-year-old women are overweight and 21% obese. Obesity causes major changes in many features of maternal intermediary metabolism. Insulin resistance appears to be central to these changes and may also be involved in increased energy accumulation by the fetus.(More)
The soluble protein kinase activities for protamine and casein, the histone kinases modulated by cAMP or Ca2+ and phospholipid, as well as the phosphorylation patterns of endogenous proteins were measured in rat ventral prostates from normal adults, castrates, and dihydrotestosterone-treated castrates. In normal prostate, the ratio of cAMP-dependent type I(More)
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