Tezera Yitbarek Chernet

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The natural waters of the Lakes Region in the Main Ethiopian Rift (MER) show serious problems of chemical quality. The high content of fluoride reaches 300 mgl(-1) and affects the health of the population who live in this area. Furthermore, the alkaline and sodic characteristics (8<pH<10 and 0.9 x 10(-4) < Na < 0.35 Ml(-1)) of these waters destroy the soil(More)
This work investigates the energy efficiency of Recursive Least Square (RLS) beamforming algorithm by developing a new energy model, which is a function of beam width, range, instantaneous signal to noise plus interference ratio (SNIR) and inter element spacing. It analyzes the effect of varying inter element spacing on linear array geometry for energy(More)
This work presents an energy efficiency (EE) investigation of a beam generated by the combination of Recursive Least Square (RLS) algorithm and Kaiser side lobe cancellation technique in smart antenna system. The RLS-Kaiser combination is investigated using energy model which is a function of beam width, range and signal to noise plus interference ratio(More)
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