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OBJECTIVE To measure discontinuation within 6 months among users of the levonorgestrel intrauterine system, copper intrauterine device (IUD), and etonogestrel implant and identify baseline characteristics associated with early discontinuation. METHODS This was an analysis of the Contraceptive CHOICE Project, a cohort study of 9,256 participants provided(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE To validate a QEEG algorithm on traumatic brain injury in an Emergency Department (ED) setting. METHODS AND PROCEDURES EEG data were collected from 105 patients with head injury (53 CT+ and 52 CT-) and 50 ED controls. Ten minutes of eyes closed resting EEG was collected from five frontal locations. A discriminant index of the probability(More)
BACKGROUND Advances in analysis of electrical signals have now made it possible to create a handheld electroencephalogram (EEG). METHODS The BrainScope device, currently under development by BrainScope Co, Inc, Washington, DC, was used to assess 153 patients who presented to a tertiary referral hospital with headache or altered mental status. A limited(More)
An estimated 1.5 million head injuries occur in the United States each year, with approximately 2% resulting in epidural hematomas. Epidural hematomas can be difficult to recognize clinically because the patient may not have a loss of consciousness or may have a brief loss of consciousness with a normal neurological examination. It is important to recognize(More)
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