Tewfik Kernane

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We consider in this paper the stability of retrial queues with a versatile retrial policy. We obtain sufficient conditions for the stability by the strong coupling convergence to a stationary ergodic regime for various models of retrial queues including a model with two types of customers, a model with breakdowns of the server, a model with negative(More)
Maximum likelihood estimations for the parameters of extreme value distributions are discussed in this paper using fixed point iteration. The commonly used numerical approach for adressing this problem is the Newton-Raphson approach which requires differentiation unlike the fixed point iteration which is also easier to implement. Graphical approaches are(More)
We propose a new approach for estimating the parameters of a probability distribution. It consists on combining two new methods of estimation. The first is based on the definition of a new distance measuring the difference between variations of two distributions on a finite number of points from their support and on using this measure for estimation(More)
We study the stability of single server retrial queues under general distribution for retrial times and stationary ergodic service times, for three main retrial policies studied in the literature: classical linear, constant and control policies. The approach used is the renovating events approach to obtain sufficient stability conditions by strong coupling(More)
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