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IA-32 Execution Layer (IA-32 EL) is a new technology that executes IA-32 applications on Intel® Itanium® processor family systems. Currently, support for IA-32 applications on Itanium-based platforms is achieved using hardware circuitry on the Itanium processors. This capability will be enhanced with IA-32 EL—software that will ship with Itanium-based(More)
Software instrumentation provides the means to collect information on and efficiently analyze parallel programs. Using Pin, developers can build tools to detect and examine dynamic behavior including data races, memory system behavior, and parallelizable loops. Pin is a software system that performs runtime binary instrumentation of Linux and Microsoft(More)
Software instrumentation is a powerful and flexible technique for analyzing the dynamic behavior of programs. By inserting extra code in an application, it is possible to study the performance and correctness of programs and systems. Pin is a software system that performs run-time binary instrumentation of unmodified applications. Pin provides an API for(More)
Most dynamic binary translators use a two-phase approach to identify and optimize frequently executed code dynamically. In the profiling phase, blocks of code are interpreted or translated without optimization to collect execution frequency information for the blocks. In the optimization phase, frequently executed blocks are grouped into regions and(More)
IA-32 Execution Layer (IA-32 EL) is a newtechnology that executes IA-32 applications onIntel® Itanium® processor family systems.Currently, support for IA-32 applications onItanium-based platforms is achieved usinghardware circuitry on the Itanium processors.This capability will be enhanced with IA-32EL-software that will ship with(More)
Published by the IEEE Computer Society 0018-9162/10/$26.00 © 2010 IEEE Instrumentation is one tool for collecting the information needed to understand programs. Instrumentationbased tools typically insert extra code into a program to record events during execution.1-4 The cost of executing the extra code can be as low as a few cycles, enabling fine-grained(More)
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