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We investigated the influence of vestibular stimulation on visual motion-direction perception using electrophysiological recordings. Visual motion-direction evoked potentials decreased in area during the rotation of subjects about their vertical z-axis, when visual and vestibular motion directions were incongruous (visual and vestibular stimulation in the(More)
The spatio-temporal characteristics of rotary evoked potentials are unknown up to now. Transient motions with sinusoidal velocity profile (60 degrees , 47.12 degrees /s, 74.02 degrees /s2, duration 2 s) were alternately applied (rightward/leftward) to 12 healthy subjects. Fixation of a target-cross moving with them suppressed the vestibulo-ocular reflex.(More)
The second suspension bridge connecting the continents Asia and Europe, namely, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, has been monitored by using GPS technique. For this end permanent GPS observations with 0.1 seconds epoch interval were recorded for the same days of consecutive weeks. In addition to GPS observations, some other data belong to influencing factors(More)
In the integration of geodetic networks with different geodetic coordinate systems, the similarity transformation seems to be the most suitable method because the geodetic coordinate systems are designated to be Cartesian (orthogonal). However , this method may always not be practical to use in most surveying works demanding such high accuracies as the(More)
This report mainly covers the report of the year 2005 and 2006. In addition, the five years period of the scientific, technical and educational activities of Turkish National Geodesy Commission is included. As an extended compilation, national activities of Turkish Surveying Profession such as important scientific and technical publications based on(More)
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