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In this second of a series of three articles, attention is devoted to the developing role of psychiatrists and psychologists as expert witnesses. As far as psychiatry is concerned, the first recorded use of psychiatric evidence in an English court dates back to the first half of the eighteenth century, but it was not until the nineteenth century that(More)
In the South African health care system patients/consumers are divided into those who can afford private care and those who rely on state medical assistance. The system is under pressure to fund delivery of medical care to its beneficiaries. We consider the effects of different funding models on medicolegal liability of health professionals serving the(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify criteria whereby triability can be determined. DESIGN Questionnaire survey. The final rating was decided on the basis of a structured psychiatric interview. SETTING Oranje Hospital, Bloemfonteln. PARTICIPANTS A total of 736 questionnaires was sent to 176 judges of the Supreme Court, 480 magistrates and 32 attorneys-general and(More)
In this first of a series of three articles, the relationship between law and psychology is discussed from a historical perspective. The article is divided into four sections: First, the early developments are described. Secondly, the use of medical knowledge and experts in Roman law is discussed. Thirdly, attention is devoted to the legal status of the(More)
The decision to release a state patient who is unfit to stand trial and/or not criminally responsible, who had been committed to a mental institution in terms of the Criminal Procedure Act or who was held in terms of section 28 of the Mental Health Act, may have harmful or even fatal consequences. The multi-professional team at Oranje Hospital will only(More)
Courts have accepted that epileptics sometimes commit unlawful acts as a result of an epileptic seizure. Reasons for this unlawful behaviour may be found in the interictal, ictal and post-ictal phases of the seizure. Interictal aspects which are relevant to the form of epileptic automatism may be the person's natural tendencies, the same psychodynamic(More)
The handling of the mentally ill offender involves the law as well as psychiatry and it is, therefore, essential that a good relationship exists between the jurist and the psychiatrist. The answering of questions of law by the courts needs the assistance and cooperation of mental health experts. This cooperation between the law and mental health professions(More)
A research team, consisting of a jurist and a psychologist, created and developed an instrument which could be used to effectively assess the fitness to stand trial of an accused person. A questionnaire was compiled and sent out to 736 members of both the legal and mental health professions. The information received from the response group was used to(More)
Personal data and privacy are increasingly being threatened by a boom in technological development--the replacement of conventional networks of communication with the perfected combination of computer and telecommunications. The subsequent high degree of transparency has the potential to damage the individual's right to 'informational self-determination'.(More)
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