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The analysis has benefited immensely from discussions with, and (often extensive) comments from, the following colleagues: and Wuppertaler Linguistisches Kolloquium. I owe a particular debt to Alan Prince and Paul Smolensky, for their extremely generous contributions to this work, and to Vieri Samek-Lodovici for his invaluable scrutiny of the manuscript.(More)
*Sergey Avrutin conducted an informal pilot experiment for the project reported here and participated in the earliest discussion of this work. We wish to thank him for his invaluable assistance and encouragement. Marina Shatskaya and Alexei Semenov persuaded the directors of two Moscow kindergartens to let us conduct our experiment on their premises. We are(More)
This paper argues for the autonomy of syntax. So-called degree expression come in two sorts: some are heads selecting an AP, others are adjoined to any suitable host. These two classes yield to a unitary semantics, which explains their largely complementary distribution. Hence, they can only be distinguished in syntactic terms, in particular c-selection. A(More)
For a brief guide, see Chomsky*s replies in Cheng and Sybesma (1995). 1 'S* may be taken to stand for 'somewhere* – see Chomsky*s reply concerning 'Where is morphology?* 2 in Cheng and Sybesma (1995). Abstract Structures with subordinating conjunction, covert or overt, provide evidence for checking theory, and offer an interesting testing ground for the(More)
1.0 Introduction A strong argument in behalf of the abstract nature of fundamental phrase-structure relations emerges if we can demonstrate that structural principles apply both to syntax and lexical morphology. Historically, phrase-structure was first linked to categories (NP, VP, etc), then to a more abstract X-bar structure, and finally to(More)
Knowledge of how nurses experience the process of secluding a patient can be useful in improving the quality of patient care and in the prevention of work related stress in nurses. This study describes personal experiences of nurses throughout the seclusion process. The emotions which came to surface in semi-structured interviews with 8 nurses were(More)
This paper provides a unified account of root infinitives, determiner drop and null subjects in early stages of acquisition. The central hypothesis is that all three phenomena result from the optional underspecification of the functional head Number. The hypothesis allows us to capture on the one hand the crosscategorial generalization across nominal and(More)
Word order and nominative case in nonnative language acquisition: A longitudinal study of L1 Turkish-L2 Gerrrian interlanguage. In La11guage acquisition studies in generative grammar, ed. Interactions between type of instruction and type of language feature: A meta-analysis. The status of thematic verbs in the second language acquisition of Chinese: Against(More)
Wilder, and two anonymous reviewers for this special issue of The Linguistic Review. Also thanks to staff and students of the University of Cologne who listened to and commented on a version of this paper focusing on German. Abstract It is argued in this article that Dutch is a head initial language. The SVO order of Dutch main clauses is derived from an(More)