Teuk-Seob Song

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3D virtual environment provides a limited amount of information, mainly focusing on visual information. This is the main cause of users losing the sense of direction in the environment. Many researches for developing a navigation tools that address this problem have been carried out. In this study, a navigation tool is designed by applying topic map, one of(More)
Navigating in a three dimensional (3D) virtual environment is difficult mainly because of limited navigational information that can only offer a screen-size visualization and low level imitation of other human senses. To address this problem, studies on various methods of navigation aid have been carried out. The navigation aid described in this paper was(More)
— SMARTPHONE has become a big issue in South Korea and worldwide. In this work we will propose techniques that display web contents according to user preference and service provider’s interest for small screen devices such as smartphones. A number of works and research have been conducted to generate suitable web contents for small screen devices. But such(More)
This paper proposes a human action recognition algorithm which can be efficiently applied to a real-time intelligent surveillance system. The proposed method classifies human actions into walking, sitting, standing up and unusual action like faint and falling down. Also, in the case of detecting unusual actions, it offers an alarm to smartphones to monitor(More)