Tetsuyoshi Shiota

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The discussion is presented of the test results of a prototype compensator which compensates for the harmonic currents and instantaneous reactive power in a power system. The compensator is composed of a PWM (pulsewidth-modulated) converter with instantaneous current control and SI (static induction) thyristors which have better switching characteristics(More)
Computation performance demanded in media processing is high due to the complexity of applications. In the past scenes, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) played the main roles. However, they suffer from the adaptability to today's diversifying applications and lengthy development duration. Using a processor that is comparable to ASICs in(More)
Regional cities in Japan have a lot of social issues. Various measures are being considered to solve these social issues, but it is difficult to ascertain and implement practical and effective measures to address them. In this study, we proposed a method for selecting indicators that have a causal relation to solve the social issues based on a causal(More)
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