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In this research, we analyze the force characteristic of human-to-human cooperation in vertical motion. The experiment subjects are divided into master and slave category where the slave is required to close their eyes during the experiment. Experiment devices are equipped with 3D position sensors and force sensors to measure the position, angle and force(More)
At present the majority of autonomous robots are mostly used in factories where speed and accuracy are given highest priority. In our research, we are focusing in the area where the robot that cooperate with human to lift or carry a human subject. In this area the robots are required to interact with human and move in such a fashion where it will move with(More)
A motion of two humans performing cooperative object transfer during seated position in mediolateral direction was recorded. The position data of the object's centre of gravity were then converted to jerk value which is used to evaluate cooperative motion's smoothness with certain experimental conditions. The object's rotational motion during the task was(More)
This paper describes the dragonfly flight by a pair of wings and the frequency characteristics of dragonfly wings related to the aerodynamic characteristics. In the first place, free flight by two pairs of wings and a pair of wings of dragonflies was analyzed with a high-speed video camera system. It was confirmed that the dragonfly can fly by a pair of(More)
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