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— In a frequency reusing wireless local area network (WLAN), the co-channel interference (CCI) environment will change when new access points (APs) join the network. Therefore, the user throughput reduces if the available channels are not properly re-allocated. A newly joined AP is designed to measure the CCI levels on the available channels to select the(More)
For the realization of future wireless networks, gigabit wireless technology, which can achieve higher-than-1 Gbps data transmission with extremely low transmit power, is indispensable. We have been studying the distributed antenna network (DAN) and the frequency domain wireless signal processing. In DAN, many antennas or clusters of antennas are spatially(More)
—Recently, we proposed a frequency-domain block signal detection using maximum likelihood detection (MLD) employing QR decomposition and M-algorithm (QRM-MLD) for the cyclic prefix inserted single-carrier (CP-SC) block transmissions. However, if the number of surviving-symbol candidates is small, the achievable bit error rate (BER) performance degrades,(More)
—Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) spatial multiplexing is known to increase the transmission rate without bandwidth expansion. However, in cellular networks (CNs), the transmission rate of a user close to the cell edge significantly degrades because the received signal-to-interference plus noise power ratio (SINR) degrades due to the presence of strong(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, we propose a joint transmit and receive linear filtering based on minimum mean square error criterion (joint Tx/Rx MMSE filtering) for single-carrier (SC) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) transmission. Joint Tx/Rx MMSE filtering transforms the MIMO channel to the orthogonal eigenmodes to avoid the inter-antenna interference (IAI)(More)
Many long-term geomagnetic observation results recorded on photographic bromide paper have not yet been fully digitized. To that end, we developed a method to automatically convert photographic records to one-minute digital data. We applied our method to the observation records of Kakioka Magnetic Observatory and confirmed that the resolution of time and(More)
— In the future wireless communication systems, the broadband wireless technology which enables Giga-bps class data services is demanded. Broadband wireless channels become extremely frequency-selective and cause severe inter-symbol interference (ISI). Furthermore, the average received signal power changes in a random manner because of the shadowing and(More)
The automatic determination of the optic disc area in retinal fundus images can be useful for calculation of the cup-to-disc (CD) ratio in the glaucoma screening. We compared three different methods that employed active contour model (ACM), fuzzy c-mean (FCM) clustering, and artificial neural network (ANN) for the segmentation of the optic disc regions. The(More)