Tetsuya Uchiki

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A survey of architectures for volume rendering. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine, 9(4):18{23, 1990. Lev89a] Marc Levoy. Design for a real-time high-quality volume rendering workstation. A three-dimensional shaded display method for voxel-based representations.planes 5: A heterogeneous multiprocessor graphics system using processor-enhanced(More)
-This paper describes a method of detecting collisions in motion simulation. In motion simulation, objects occasionally share a sphere in the simulated world. This would not occur in the real world, since objects would have collided before they shared a common sphere. In order to avoid such sharing and to accurately simulate collisions, a collision(More)
Many kinds of spontaneous information systems can be found as the cultural characteristics of the user communities around SNS sites which many people use in the world. However, the users' activities are quite different in Japan and China. In China, most of the users are exchanging information actively and freely with strangers and friends on SNS sites, in(More)
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