Tetsuya Tsukada

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OBJECTIVE Invasive Trichosporon infection has been increasingly recognized in patients with hematologic malignancies. Our study aims to clarify the clinical characteristics of this disease and factors influencing patient prognosis. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed 33 cases of Trichosporon fungemia (TF) in patients with hematologic(More)
We report a very rare case of tuberculous colitis that showed relatively long-segment involvement of the colon near the hepatic flexure with coloduodenal fistula that caused severe malnutrition. The formation of fistula in abdominal tuberculosis is very rare. This is the eighth reported case of abdominal tuberculosis with fistula and the first reported case(More)
Distribution and normal value of 23 blood cell parameters in healthy 2509 males and 1658 females (20-69 year of age) who are the visitors of our health examination clinic or workers of the hospital were studied. These parameters were obtained by automated cell analyzer (Sysmex NE-8000, Toa Med. Electronics). Distribution pattern and normal range of 23(More)
Clinical significance of platelet volume indices (Platelet distribution width: PDW, Mean platelet volume: MPV, Platelet large cell ratio: P-LCR) estimated by automated blood cell analyzer (Sysmex NE-8000) was studied in 29 ITP cases and 17 cases with platelet hypoproduction which diagnosis was established by platelet kinetic study, megakaryocyte counts and(More)
The International Committee for Standardization in Hematology recommended three methods for calculating objectively the mean platelet survival time, ie, weighted mean of linear estimate and logarithmic estimate, truncated exponential model, and gamma model. For determining which method is better, data of the survival study were fitted to each of three(More)
Serum levels of lipids and lipoproteins were examined in individuals with hyperlipidemia treated with atorvastatin or colestimide and in healthy volunteers. Modified low-density lipoprotein (LDL) was measured by its faster electrophoretic mobility and expressed as charge modification frequency (CMF). Serum levels of total cholesterol (t-chol), triglyceride(More)
Recently X-ray diagnosis of gastric lesions has been rapidly advanced by the double contrast method and it has made possible diagnosing fine gastric lesions. But the diagnosis of gastric lesions especially in the upper portion of the stomach, still has a lot to be devised. The main purpose of this paper is to compare the Xray findings between the(More)
considerat ion was laid on the X-ray diagnosis of depressed type of early carcinoma in the grea ter curvature , based on 9 cases experienced, including 2 cases of microcarc inoma wi th the largest d iameter less than 5 ram. 1) Barium-filled Stomach: In 2 cases wi th relatively large ulcerat ion (Type I Ic+I I I ) , barium-filled stomach showed obviously the(More)