Tetsuya Toma

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In this paper, we propose a home monitoring, management, and communication system (HMMCS) with high-seed optical home network for a smart house in a smart city to optimize the energy usage and to create a comfortable environment. The HMMCS monitors the interior environment and the electricity consumption of all electric appliances. It also records log data,(More)
The aim of this study was to compare in vitro various methods for recording intestinal sensitivity and compliance. Relationships between volume and pressure were determined in segments of penrose tubing and pig gut ("artificial intestine') using pressure increments of 2 mmHg (0-24 mmHg). We tested two direct methods of distension of the entire segments (by(More)
Robots with high freedom of movement can be used for minute manipulation, enabling a wide range of real-world applications. However, the use of telemanipulation systems driven by manmachine interaction (MMI) is currently limited to experimental trials, partly because the image delay during transmission interferes with the operator’s hand-eye coordination.(More)
We have been implementing the research work in order to achieve the rural clinics that can provide the similar quality of clinic performance as that of urban general hospitals. The research work involves the use of common fund in community, from the financial viewpoint, for the purpose of continuous management of clinics in rural villages of developing(More)
Various kinds of high presence displays are developed and used in recent years. However, it is difficult to quantitatively evaluate the "presence". In this study, we tried to define the word of presence operationally by measuring the biological information of the users. In the experiment, the conditions of 2D/3D images, viewing angles, and resolutions of(More)
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