Tetsuya Takimoto

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Distribution of cerebellothalamic neurons projecting to the ventral nuclei of the thalamus was examined in the cat, using the horseradish peroxidase (HRP) method. After injections of HRP within the lateral or ventrolateral portions of the ventro-anterior and ventrolateral nuclear complex of the thalamus (VA-VL), neurons labeled retrogradely with HRP were(More)
The cervical dorsal root ganglia (C5-C8) of the cat were examined in vivo with an electron microscope. Cell processes of unknown origin were observed to invade the area between the satellite cell sheaths and the ganglion cells, and their terminals were found to be in synaptic contact with the soma of the ganglion cells. Like chemical synapses, these(More)
Dorsal root ganglia (C3) of the cats have been examined with the electron microscope after dorsal and ventral rhizotomies and horseradish peroxidase injection into the ventral horn of the spinal cord (C3). Axo-somatic synapses were found in the dorsal root ganglia and, moreover, they showed early signs of anterograde terminal degeneration after a 48 h(More)
Strenuous exercise following overnight fasting increases fat oxidation during exercise, which can modulate training adaptation. However, such exercise induces muscle protein catabolism by decreasing blood insulin concentrations and increasing amino acid oxidation during the exercise. Leucine-enriched essential amino acids (LEAAs) enhance muscle protein(More)
Focal segmental glomerular hyalinosis and/or sclerosis (FSHS) was observed in five Wistar-Imamichi rats with congenital unilateral hydronephrosis (CUH rats). Marked proteinuria (164.9 +/- 138.4 mg/day) was observed in the CUH rats. Immunoperoxidase staining for IgM, C3 and IgG was positive in the glomeruli, showing in a focal, segmental pattern that(More)
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