Tetsuya Nozaka

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D. K. Blackman, B. Ildefonse, B. E. John, Y. Ohara, D. J. Miller, N. Abe, M. Abratis, E. S. Andal, M. Andreani, S. Awaji, J. S. Beard, D. Brunelli, A. B. Charney, D. M. Christie, J. Collins, A. G. Delacour, H. Delius, M. Drouin, F. Einaudi, J. Escartín, B. R. Frost, G. Früh‐Green, P. B. Fryer, J. S. Gee, M. Godard, C. B. Grimes, A. Halfpenny, H.‐E. Hansen,(More)
This study was conducted to determine the optimal treatment for minimizing the recurrence of varicose veins, and to assess the value of the combined treatment of high saphenous ligation and sclerotherapy. A combined total of 967 limbs in 660 patients with primary varicose veins were treated. The treatments comprised: sclerotherapy alone in 81 limbs, high(More)
We investigated whether non-contrast three-dimensional computed tomography-venography (3DCTV) using 128-row multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) could be the first-choice diagnostic imaging modality for the treatment of varicose veins. Its utility was assessed in terms of estimation of the venous function, ability to visualize incompetent perforators,(More)
A 67-year-old women, who suffered from advanced esophageal cancer with left main bronchus and azygous vein involvement, was treated by combined administration of bleomycin absorbed on activated carbon particles (BLM-CH44, 10 mg/body), methotrexate (30 mg/body i.m.), and cisplatin (75 mg/body i.v.). BLM-CH44 was injected around tumor and total dose of BLM(More)
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