Tetsuya Nemoto

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Our purpose is to study the effect on the blood flow caused by the valve in blood vessel. We examine the possibility that thrombosis is caused by pressing the artificial valve. We tried to solve the flow of blood by numerical analysis with an incompressibility Navier-Stokes equation. We supposed the static boundary condition about vessel shape, although(More)
AIM To investigate the association of grip strength and activities of daily living independence in older adults, using a newly-developed grip strength measuring device. METHODS Patients who visited the clinic for memory disorders at the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology (142 men and 205 women, mean age 74.8 ± 8.8 years) were included in the(More)
Jerk-cost as a measure of jaw movement smoothness has been used to evaluate the masticatory function of patients with tooth loss and malocclusion. Jerk-cost measuring systems have thus far been unable to determine the jerk-cost of each chewing phase over time. The purposes of this study were (i) to develop a new method for measuring momentary jerk-cost of(More)
[Purpose] The purpose of this study was to elucidate the relationship between knee muscle strength and knee pain in activities of daily living, based on consideration of the difference between extension and flexion strength (Q - H) and the hamstring:quadriceps (H:Q) ratio in patients with knee osteoarthritis. [Subjects and Methods] The participants were 78(More)
Jerk-cost is an inverse measure of movement smoothness and can be calculated from the first-time derivative of acceleration obtained from a tri-axial piezoelectric accelerometer (TPA), or from the third-time derivative of position obtained from a jaw-tracking device. The aims of this study were to determine, in 10 asymptomatic subjects who are chewing gum,(More)
It is very important to keep the volume of intracellular through organ preservation. We focused the structure of intracellular water. Because this report is a precursor study for new organ preservation technology, we defined the system contains only water and hydrogen molecules. The calculation was done by a code of molecular dynamics method; MXDTRICL. We(More)
The Macrobiotus hufelandi is a living thing that belongs to the Tardigrada. And, it is known as a living thing where it can live in the breaking point of the life for a long term. Because for Macrobiotus hufelandi's cell to endure turbulence. However, there are many uncertain points about the biological function mechanism. Authors researched; Ecology of(More)
We have the three biological discussions as for stochastic and dissipative equations. The first model belongs to the group of diffuse equations according to a kind of complex Fokker-Planck equation. The second one show the concrete stochastic model for actin-myosin system using stochastic resonance, and the last is stochastic or diffusional flagellar motor(More)
In order to understand the movement of actin-myosin system in muscle, we propose new model of stochastic inclined rods model (DS-SIRM). DS-SIRM has many inclined rods stood out from its body and it moves always forward to one direction whenever those rods are independently vibrating. DS-SIRM can convert the thermal noise to the one directional motion by(More)
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