Tetsuya Nakatoh

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Search results generated by searchable databases are served dynamically and far larger than the static documents on the Web. These results pages have been referred to as the Deep Web. We need to extract the target data in results pages to integrate them on different searchable databases. We propose a test bed for information extraction from search results.(More)
Blog articles by tourists contain interesting and personal experiences of where and how they have gone, what they have done and what they thought. Such individual experiences are helpful in many cases compared to the general and official information about the tourist resort by tourist agents. However, it is not easy to choose related articles and to extract(More)
A Deep Web wrapper is a program that extracts contents from search results. We propose a new automatic wrapper generation algorithm which discovers a repetitive pattern from search results. The repetitive pattern is expressed by token sequences which consist of HTML tags, plain texts and wild-cards. The algorithm applies a string matching with mismatches to(More)
Various viewpoints are required to make a survey and a trend analysis on related research. In order to find important problems, especially in unfamiliar field, simple search and clustering is not enough. We have to read most of the articles carefully. The work requires a lot of time and effort. This paper analyzes the sentences that describe the problem(More)