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This paper presents the design and characteristics of a five-fingered haptic interface robot named HIRO III. The aim of the development of HIRO III is to provide a high-precision three-directional force at the five human fingertips. HIRO III consists of a 15-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) haptic hand, a 6-DOF interface arm, and a control system. The haptic(More)
Tool-type haptic interfaces such as scissors are used to present force feeling for surgical training in virtual reality environment. Presentation of force feelings of plural tools needs to prepare many single tool-type haptic interfaces. This paper proposes newly conceptual idea for plural tool-type haptic interfaces. The proposed system consists of single(More)
This paper considers moments due to friction forces on the human fingertip. A computational technique called the friction moment arc method is presented. The method computes the static and/or dynamic friction moment independent of a friction force calculation. In addition, a new finger holder to display friction moment is presented. This device incorporates(More)
In the expert skill transfer, it takes a great deal of time and effort to obtain new skills for beginners. In particular, it is difficult to teach the skills by using only words. So, the skill transfer system that uses VR attracts attention. In this paper, we consider the skill transfer system for human five fingers by using five-fingered haptic interface(More)
This paper presents a grasping strategy of unknown objects imitating human grasping reflex for anthropomorphic robot hands. In the proposed grasping, each joint of the thumb and the fingers is controlled independently using the contact force affecting its adjacent fingertip side link. By setting a suitable contact force, both fingertip grasping and(More)