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Avoiding a fall requires fast and appropriate step responses, stepping speed as a fall risk indicator has only been assessed in older adults. We have developed a new measurement system that applies a laser range finder to assess temporal and spatial parameters of stepping performance such as step speed, length, and accuracy. This measurement system has(More)
A compact V-band GaAs MMIC chip set consisting of (1) a single highly integrated receiver MMIC with 6.5 dB NF and 2 dB conversion gain using a subharmonically pumped mixer and (2) a transmitter MMIC having a state-of-the-art 30-60 GHz doubler with 14.3 dB maximum conversion gain, 17.7 dBm output power and broadband RF characteristics has been successfully(More)
A 100-MHz 51.2-Gb/s packet lookup engine LSI for packet inspection was proposed in a previous paper. High throughput and low power consumption was realized by introducing a combined mismatch detection circuit and linked-list hash table, minimizing the amount of memory accesses. The LSI has an automatic table update function. In this paper, this automatic(More)