Tetsuya Katagiri

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There is a high incidence of recurrence after traumatic dislocation of the shoulder. In this study of 417 patients, we found that initial dislocation below the age of 30, dislocation with capsular detachment, dislocation without tuberosity fracture and a short period of fixation after reduction were predisposing factors. We have designed a modified(More)
This letter describes a novel structure for large-matrix connector-type optical switches. The dimensions of the apparatus designed for 512/spl times/512 switching were 0.8 m/sup W//spl times/0.6 m/sup D//spl times/1.85 m/sup H/. It is based on the three-stage Clos network. Switching is accomplished by the mechanical reconnection of fibers. The fiber(More)
This paper proposes and demonstrates a linear-logarithmic image sensor that can operate in both the linear and logarithmic modes, and exhibits low noise and no flickers. Its pixel is composed of one buried-photodiode, five nchannel MOS transistors, two p-channel MOS transistors, and one capacitor. During the linear mode operation, the pixel behaves the same(More)
We propose a new switch architecture: FRASH (frequency multiplexed routing and selecting hybrid) for the optical cross-connect node using space switching and WDM switching technologies. The FRASH switch consists of PI-LOSS (path-independent insertion loss) switches, star couplers and wavelength selectors. Then we show that the FRASH switch provides good(More)
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