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Perinatal exposure to bisphenol A (BPA, 0.1 and 1 ppm in drinking water applied to mother rats for 6 weeks) has been shown to impair the sexual differentiation in exploratory behavior, but the exact critical period of this disrupting effect is still unknown. In this study, we examined the effects of prenatal exposure to BPA (0.1 ppm in drinking water(More)
The sural nerves of 2 human cases with Minamata disease and poisoned rats were examined histopathologically. Both showed similar findings: the myelinated nerve fibres were decreased in number, but small myelinated nerve fibres were increased: The latter were irregular in shape and their Schwann cells showed regressive changes, with high electron density of(More)
The aim of this paper is to assess the overall geometric accuracy of the Novalis system using the Robotic Tilt Module in terms of the uncertainty in frameless stereotactic radiotherapy. We analyzed the following three metrics: (1) the correction accuracy of the robotic couch, (2) the uncertainty of the isocenter position with gantry and couch rotation, and(More)
[Purpose] This study aimed to clarify the effects of therapeutic ultrasound on range of motion and stretch pain and the relationships between the effects. [Subjects] The subjects were 15 healthy males. [Methods] Subjects performed all three interventions: (1) ultrasound (US group), (2) without powered ultrasound (placebo group), and (3) rest (control(More)
Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of the 'environmental endocrine disrupters' (EEDs) released by plastics and resin known to interfere with hormonal responses. In this study, female Wistar rats were exposed to low-dose BPA (24 μg/kg/day) during 7 days after giving birth. The male and female offspring, exposed to the BPA through lactation, were evaluated using an(More)
Mongolian gerbils exposed to relatively short (7 or 15 min) unilateral or bilateral occlusions of the common carotid artery develop, 20 h after release of the clipping, characteristic morphologic changes in the H3 sector of the hippocampus. Ultrastructural study of these changes revealed an eccentric shift of the nuclei associated with chromatolytic(More)
− In this paper, we propose a scheduling method for synchronous communication between threads in the Bach hardware compiler. In this method, all communications are extracted from a behavioral Bach-C description and statically prescheduled to synchronize communications between threads if possible. Then all the operations and communications of each thread are(More)