Tetsushiro Fujita

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We developed a new adaptable EMG prosthetic hand, which executes recognition process and learning process in parallel and can keep up with change in the mapping between an electromyographic signals (EMG) to the desired motion, for amputee. EMG-to-motion classifier which used in proposed prosthetic hand is done under the assumptions that the input motions(More)
Judging whether words refer to oneself results in better memory than judging words on a semantic or physical basis. This phenomenon is known as self-reference effect. It is assumed that people encode more attribute when they are engaged in self-referent processing than when they are engaged in other types of processing, but it is not clear what kinds of(More)
The present study examined whether the self-reference effect occurred when memory retrieval was automatic. The process-dissociation procedure (e.g., Jacoby, 1991; Toth, Reingold, & Jacoby, 1994) was used to separate automatic and intentional, i.e., consciously controlled, components of memory in a word-stem completion task. In the learning phase, subjects(More)
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