Tetsushi Ueta

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Recently, intelligent transport system (ITS) is actively developed. There are big development areas in it. Within those areas, the research on detection and recognition of the road sign is one of the most important development areas. In this paper, we show the process improvement in order to extract the contour line and recognize the road sign shape from(More)
This paper investigates the complex dynamics, synchronization and control of chaos in a system of strongly connected Wilson–Cowan neural oscillators. Some typical synchronized periodic solutions are analyzed by using the Poincaré mapping method, for which bifurcation diagrams are obtained. It is shown that topological change of the synchronization mode is(More)
C haos in Circuits and Systems is an elucidating account of state-of-the-art nonlinear circuits and systems. Nonlinear phenomena and chaos are ubiquitous in nature and man-made systems. As a consequence, a large number of conference proceedings, research monographs, textbooks, and special journal issues have been published so far. Is there a need for yet(More)
Spiking and bursting observed in nerve membranes seem to be important when we investigate information representation model in the brain. Many topologically different bursting responses are observed in the mathematical models and their related bifurcation mechanisms have been clarified. In this paper, we propose an advanced design method to generate bursting(More)