Tetsushi Morita

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PURPOSE AND EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN CDC25 genes are cell cycle-activating phosphatases that positively regulate the activity of cyclin-dependent kinase. CDC25A and CDC25B, being oncogenes, are overexpressed in a variety of human malignancies. To investigate the potential roles of CDC25s in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), expression of CDC25A and CDC25B was(More)
We propose a system for reminding a user of information obtained through a web browsing experience. The system extracts keywords from the content of the web page currently being viewed and retrieves the context of past web browsing related tothe keywords. We define the context as a sequence of web browsing when many web pages related to the keyword were(More)
In auction services such as eBay or yahoo, bidders can select interesting items from among many different items. It takes a long time, however, to investigate various items’ attributes, such as the price, the bids, and the time left. On the other hand, it is possible to circulate large quantities of rich content such as image data by using broadband(More)
BACKGROUND Recently, the concept of integrating oncology and palliative care has gained wide professional and scientific support; however, a global consensus on what constitutes integration is unavailable. We conducted a Delphi Survey to develop a consensus list of indicators on integration of specialty palliative care and oncology programs for advanced(More)
BACKGROUND While adjuvant chemotherapy is preferable for high-risk colon cancer, treatment duration is controversial. Oral uracil and tegafur (UFT)/leucovorin (LV) is widely used as a standard adjuvant chemotherapy for colon cancer in Japan. We conducted a phase III trial to investigate the optimal duration of adjuvant chemotherapy for stage IIB/III colon(More)
We describe a system which reminds users of not only the content of web pages but also which web pages we viewed in a session, why the pages were viewed, and what knowledge we acquire from them. We developed a module for automatically collecting user logs. We focus on meaningful period, which metadata is added to by extracting the log data. We call this(More)
We previously reported a new type of online shop, called a "broadband online shop", which displays photographic images of a real shop and has a videoconference system. We also developed a visual customer relationship management (v-CRM) system that helps salesclerks understand customer preferences intuitively. In this paper, we describe how we investigated(More)
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