Tetsurou Sakurai

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There are many important considerations in the interactions among the herbal constituents in a prescription of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Ephedra Herb [Chinese characters: see text] (Eph) is described a warm and acrid agent in TCM. The combination of Eph and Gypsum [Chinese characters: see text] (Eph-Gyp) shows specific actions in patients with(More)
Information used in clinical medicine is always uncertain and every choice has risk of unfavorable outcome. The concept of informed consent includes full access and understanding of all relevant information by the patient with autonomic participation to the decision process. In this paper, possible cause of the lack of communication between physicians and(More)
This study examined how inpatients perceive environmental impacts using the ISM(Interpretive Structural Modeling)method. 18 new items among inpatients perceiving the environmental impacts were selected through a discussion with three researchers, two nurses, and six patients. This was applied to two inpatients who were not in the same ambulatory state in(More)
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