Tetsuro Tsukamoto

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A 61-year-old man suddenly heard tinnitus and diplopia at night during watchinng television. A few days later he visited at our hospital. Neurologically he exibited marked isolated right superior rectus palsy which was also indicated by the Hess test. No other neurological abnormalities were found such as other ocular muscle paresis, cranial nerve palsies,(More)
We describe a patient with Marchiafava-Bignami disease who showed, in addition to signs of callosal interruption, a peculiar form of diagonistic dyspraxia. Unlike the typical diagonistic dyspraxia, both of the patient's hands could simultaneously cooperate in a sequence of bimanual actions. More specifically, his right hand could start a commanded action(More)
Pharmacological effects of ritodrine hydrochloride (ritodrine), a beta 2-adrenoceptor agonist, were investigated in comparison with that of isoxsuprine hydrochloride (isoxsuprine) on the motor nervous system and the central nervous system. Ritodrine (1-30 mg/kg, i.v.) suppressed spontaneous movements in mice, rats and dogs. The animals became slightly(More)
A 35-year-old right handed man developed pure anarithmetia after an left parieto-occipital subcortical hemorrhage. His intelligence, memory, language, and construction ability were all within normal limits. No hemispatial neglect, agraphia, finger agnosia, or right-left disorientation were noted. He showed no impairments in reading numbers aloud, pointing(More)
We reported a case of subacute sensory neuropathy. A 78-year-old woman was admitted to Kenwakai Hospital because of progressive numbness in her hands and feet. Four months before admission, numbness and tingling sensations appeared in her hands and feet, and subsequently she felt difficulty in skilled finger movement. On general examination, she was found(More)
A 54-year-old woman began to notice numbness and motor weakness in the lower extremities in July 1999. These symptoms rapidly progressed and she could not walk any more. When she admitted to our hospital, she showed peripherally dominant, moderate motor weakness, drop foot and loss of superficial and deep sensation in the lower extremities, but only slight(More)
Migraine is usually not associated with CSF pleocytosis. However, patients with migraine-like severe headache who showed temporary neurological deficits and pleocytosis have recently been accumulated in the literature. Here we report a 20-year-old woman who was admitted to our hospital because of aphasia and right hemiparesis with severe throbbing headache(More)
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