Tetsuro Sakai

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AIMS There seems to be two distinct patterns in the presentation of acute heart failure (AHF) patients; early- vs. gradual-onset. However, whether time-dependent relationship exists in outcomes of patients with AHF remains unclear. METHODS The Tokyo Cardiac Care Unit Network Database prospectively collects information of emergency admissions via EMS(More)
Throughout our investigations on the ontogenesis of the electrophysiological events in early embryonic chick hearts, using optical techniques to record membrane potential probed with voltage-sensitive dyes, we have introduced a novel concept of “functiogenesis” corresponding to “morphogenesis”. This article gives an account of the framework of(More)
Forest fire is a common disturbance factor, especially in boreal forests. The detection of forest disturbance and monitoring of post-fire forest recovery are crucial to both ecological research and forest management. The Greater Hinggan Mountain area of China is rich in forest resources, but also has a high incidence of forest fires. After the most serious(More)
Natural stands of Pistachio, as a forest ecosystem, have important effects on human's life, in addition to ecological characteristics. Pistachio forests are one of the conservative and economic regions and genetical storage. Study area of this investigation was Pistacia. vera Khajeh-kalat forest in east of Iran, 35-380 northern latitude and 56-600 eastern(More)
Determining the proper inventory method in arid and semi arid region is of great importance, hence transect-plot inventory method was proposed. Rahim Abad Pistachio forest with an area about 1882 ha located in 75 km of north of Mashhad city. These forests belong to arid and semi arid floristic regions. Transect-plot method was employed in these forests.(More)