Tetsuro Murahashi

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Carotenes are naturally abundant unsaturated hydrocarbon pigments, and their fascinating physical and chemical properties have been studied intensively not only for better understanding of the roles in biological processes but also for the use in artificial chemical systems. However, their metal-binding ability has been virtually unexplored. Here we report(More)
A series of cationic diazoalkane complexes [4-RC(6)H(4)C(H)NNMo(N[t-Bu]Ar)(3)][AlCl(4)], [1-R][AlCl(4)] (R = NMe(2), Me, H, Br, CN; Ar = 3,5-C(6)H(3)Me(2)) has been prepared by treatment of the N(2)-derived diazenido complex Me(3)SiNNMo(N[t-Bu]Ar)(3) with 4-RC(6)H(4)CHO and 2 equiv of AlCl(3). The structures of [1-H][AlCl(4)] and [1-NMe(2)][AlCl(4)] were(More)
Despite the abundance of "sandwich" complexes, in which two cyclic aromatic hydrocarbon ligands flank a metal center, this motif has not been extended to sheets of multiple metal atoms. We prepared and isolated two such compounds. In the first, three palladium centers form a planar triangular array, capped by chlorides, between two cycloheptatrienyl(More)
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