Tetsuro Kubo

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RNA editing of the duplicated sequences was investigated in the transcripts of orfB and orf324 genes from sugarbeet mitochondria. The orf324 shares the first 59 bp of the reading frame and 321 bp upstream sequence with orfB. Two cytidine-to-uridine editing sites were found in orfB, but the corresponding cytidine residues remained unchanged in the(More)
Natural DNA was introduced to thin layer chromatography (TLC) with an aim to separate chemicals like DNA-affinity compounds and enantiomers. By cross-linking polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) with glutaraldehyde (GA) and subsequent cross-linking DNA with a UV irradiation, a DNA/PVA interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) is formed and was used to coat the surface of(More)
We report the results of 27Aland 93Nbnuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) measurements in PrNb2Al20 single crystals. The field angle dependence of the observed 93Nb-NMR lines for the single crystal at around 5 T and at 50K is reproduced by a simulation using previously reported NQR parameters νQ,Nb ≈ 1.82MHz and ηNb ≈ 0,(More)
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