Tetsuro Kono

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The enzymatic characteristics and the mode of hormone-dependent stimulation of cAMP phosphodiesterase are reviewed. The hormone-sensitive phosphodiesterase is a low Km enzyme, which has been found in liver and fat cells. The fat cell enzyme is mostly associated with the endoplasmic reticulum. The liver cell enzyme is also associated with certain subcellular(More)
When isolated rat epididymal fat cells were incubated with [*2511iodoinsulin for 5 min at 37”, radioactivity accumulated in the plasma membrane fraction (Peak 1) and an unidentified particulate fraction (Peak 2) as reported previously (Kono, T., Robinson, F. W., and Sarver, J. A. (1975)5. Biol. Chem. 250, 7826-7835). This accumulation of radioactivity in(More)
The mechanism of the insulin-like action of trypsin was studied. When fat cells were exposed to trypsin (1 mg per ml) for 15 set, glucose metabolism in the cells was stimulated. This stimulation (like that by insulin) was inhibited by phloretin or 3-O-methyl-n-glucose. By the above treatment with trypsin, cellular lipolysis induced by epinephrine was(More)
The co-transport mechanism of the coupled movement of D-glucose and Na+ across the brush-border membrane is now universally accepted (for a review, see Crane, 1977). The transport agency shows a stable asymmetry with respect to the plane of the membrane, as demonstrated by its asymmetric inactivation (or reactivation) by little-permeant or impermeant(More)
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