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The automatic correction of misspelled inputs is discussed from a viewpoint of similar-string matching. First a hierarchical file organization based on a linear ordering of records is presented for retrieving records highly similar to any input query. Then the spelling problem is attacked by constructing a hierarchical file for a set of strings in a(More)
The object of this study was to evaluate hypofractionated multiportal field and two-portion (rostral and caudal portions divided by the eyelid) radiation therapy for canine nasal tumors. Sixty-three dogs underwent multiportal hypofractionated radiation therapy. The radiation field was divided into rostral and caudal portions by the eyelid. Treatments were(More)
A new data structure and a useful basic operation for graph~theoretical algorithms are presented and then applied to the formulation of an algorithm for finding a fundamental set of cycles of an undirected finite graph Comparison is made both analytically and empirically with Paton's cycle-finding algorithm, which is implemented by Gibbs as a PL/I procedure.
edness. Concerning Property 3, the influence on ranking exerted by query modification was examined. For this purpose, some terms in every query were chosen at random, and replaced by terms standing one level higher in the concept hierarchy. Cases in which the substitution term happened to be root, or coincided with other terms, were excluded. Five(More)
A sophisticated ad hoc cloud computing environment (SpACCE) providing calculation capacity of PCs is proposed to facilitate distributed collaboration. Distributed collaboration is now indispensable in daily work and mainly occurs ad hoc in offices and laboratories. However, computer resources in offices and laboratories are under-utilized, while(More)
It is very common for users to re-visit web pages, and in fact this can be said to be common practice. This re-visiting can in many cases be based on their own or another person's recorded history, e.g., a search history or bookmarks. However they someday come to the point where the history becomes useless and they have to click through several web pages(More)