Tetsuro Imai

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For the development of new 5G systems to operate in bands up to 100 GHz, there is a need for accurate radio propagation models at these bands that currently are not addressed by existing channel models developed for bands below 6 GHz. This document presents a preliminary overview of 5G channel models for bands up to 100 GHz. These have been derived based on(More)
A pullulan hydrolase of Bacillus stearothermophilus KP 1064 was purified homogeneously. The molecular weight, Stokes radius, sedimentation coefficient (s20, w), extinction coefficient at 280 nm and pH 6.8, and isoelectric point were estimated as 115,000, 4.16 nm, 5.5 S, 1.92 cm2·mg-1 and 4.4, respectively. The enzyme consisted of two identical subunits each(More)
Future mobile communications systems are likely to be very different to those of today with new service innovations driven by increasing data traffic demand, increasing processing power of smart devices and new innovative applications. To meet these service demands the telecommunications industry is converging on a common set of 5G requirements which(More)
This paper describes an evolution and standardization trends of the wireless channel modeling activities towards IMT-Advanced. After a background survey on various channel modeling approaches is introduced, two well-known multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) channel models for cellular systems, namely, the 3GPP/3GPP2 Spatial Channel Model (SCM) and the(More)
Currently, many operators worldwide are deploying Long Term Evolution (LTE) to provide much faster access with lower latency and higher efficiency than its predecessors 3G and 3.5G. Meanwhile, the service rollout of LTE-Advanced, which is an evolution of LTE and a “true 4G” mobile broadband, is being underway to further enhance LTE performance. However, the(More)
To analyze the radio propagation channel inside a tunnel, a wideband directional measurement campaign was managed inside an arched tunnel which was constructed to be used for a highway. Using a wideband channel sounder equipped with a cylindrical dual polarized array at the receiver (Rx), the spatio-temporal characteristics of the received propagation paths(More)
This paper investigates the elevation directional channel properties at a base station (BS) based on ray-tracing simulation to evaluate the performance of 3D beamforming that controls the main beam direction of a BS antenna over both the azimuth dimension and elevation dimension. Results show that the average power elevation spectrum (PES) and the(More)