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Both the ventromedial hypothalamus (VMH) and the mesencephalic trigeminal sensory nucleus (Me5) are densely innervated by histaminergic neurons. The depletion of neuronal histamine (HA) from the Me5 by the bilateral microinfusion of 448 nmol/rat alpha-fluoromethylhistidine (FMH), a specific suicide inhibitor of histidine decarboxylase, reduced the eating(More)
Changes in meal parameters of rats fed with different consistency of food were examined using hard and soft pellets. Meal size and eating speed of the first meal after 1800 h increased significantly in rats fed with soft pellets compared to those fed with hard pellets. Effects of histamine depletion on meals treated with hard or soft pellets were(More)
The problem of multipoint polynomial evaluation is revisited znd a new improved algorithm ia presented. The fastness of the algorithm heavily depends on the use of the DFT-based algorithm for polynomial multiplication, and its detailed de scription and analysis are pr-ented in order for an efficient implementation and for efficient task scheduling in(More)
This paper proposes the concept of the hybrid information space that integrates the information space seamlessly between the real world and the virtual world, and the prototype system was developed. In this system, the users can communicate with each other between the real world and the virtual world or they can achieve their work while going and coming(More)