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Phylogenetic relationships of rabbitfishes (the family Siganidae), ecologically important components as primary consumers in coral reef communities, were studied using mitochondrial cytochrome b gene and nuclear ITS1 (internal transcribed spacer 1) sequence analyses. The analyses of 19 out of 22 species known in the Western Pacific region revealed that(More)
Sparid fishes consist of approximately 115 species in 33 genera that are broadly distributed in tropical and temperate coastal waters. Although several phylogenetic analyses were conducted based on specific molecular markers, their classification remains unresolved. Here, we present the most comprehensive molecular phylogeny of the family Sparidae to date,(More)
Pempheris ufuagari sp. nov. is described based on 10 specimens, 143.9-196.8 mm in standard length, collected from Mi-nami Daito Island and Ogasawara Islands, which are oceanic islands of Japan. Pempheris ufuagari is characterized by a distinct black spot on the pectoral fin base, a bright yellow dorsal and caudal fin, and a blackish band on the outer margin(More)
Four species of the fish genus Pempheris are recognized for the Red Sea: P. adusta Bleeker, 1877; P. mangula Cuvier, 1829; P. nesogallica Cuvier in Cuvier & Valenciennes, 1831; and a new species P. tominagai. All are wide-ranging in the western Indian Ocean, and P. mangula has migrated via the Suez Canal to the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Morphological and(More)
Schindleria (Gobioidei, Schindleriidae), believed to include one of the smallest and youngest reproducing vertebrates, is broadly distributed in the Indo-Pacific Oceans, inhabiting coral reef lagoons. They are all characterized by a reduced larval-like form, such as a slender translucent and scaleless body. The three nominal species recognized in the genus(More)
The eel goby, genus Taenioides (Gobiidae: Amblyopinae), inhabits muddy bottoms of estuaries or shallow areas of seas in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. Among congeners, T. cirratus ( Blyth, 1860 ) has been thought to be distributed in Japan, but taxonomic confusions remain as to which scientific names are applicable to Japanese Taenioides species, or more(More)
The western Pacific marine clupeoid fish, Spratelloides atrofasciatus Schultz, 1943, previously regarded as a synonym of S. gracilis (Temminck and Schlegel, 1846), is redescribed here as a valid species on the basis of the holotype and 115 non-type specimens collected from the Ryukyu Islands. Both S. atrofasciatus and S. gracilis are similar chiefly in(More)
Rhinogobius sp. YB (Gobiidae) distributed in the Ryukyu Archipelago is a fluvial species of gobies. We present 34 novel microsatellite loci that were tested on 32 individuals from the Okierabu-jima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture. Seventeen loci were polymorphic, while the remaining 17 were monomorphic. The number of alleles per the polymorphic loci ranged(More)
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