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A survey of hydrothermal activity along the superfast-spreading (approximately 150 millimeters per year) East Pacific Rise shows that hydrothermal plumes overlay approximately 60 percent of the ridge crest between 13 degrees 50' and 18 degrees 40'S, a plume abundance nearly twice that known from any other rige portion of comparable length. Plumes were most(More)
The effect of global warming may be seen even on the top of the Mt. in Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido where communities of alpine plants having been greatly suffered from the expansion of alien species. During period of last 30 years, several herbaceous species in alpine meadow were largely replaced by dwarf bamboo (Sasa kuriliensis) in the central(More)
―This study presents a supervised subspace learning classification method which can be applied directly to the original set of spectral bands of hyperspectral data for land cover classification purpose. The CLAss-Featuring Information Compression (CLAFIC) method is used to generate the appropriate feature subspace for each class on the training data set by(More)
A preliminary study was conducted to evaluate the superior and inferior glenoid labra with abductive movement using an open-type MR unit in asymptomatic healthy volunteers. Both fast low angle shot (FLASH) and turbo spin echo (TSE) images were obtained to evaluate the shapes of both the superior and inferior labra, as well as to assess changes in signal at(More)
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