Tetsuo Shimono

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(1) Functional commencements of the neuronal elements in the cerebellar cortex of young rats were studied electrophysiologically by means of laminar field potential analyses in the cortex on stimulation of the cerebellar surface (Loc) and the white matter (WM). (2) The antidromic action potential of Purkinje cells on the WM stimulation was observed at one(More)
1. Responses evoked in the cerebellar cortex by stimulation of the parietal association cortex (rostral portions of the middle suprasylvian gyrus) were recorded and analysed in cats, and were compared with those by stimulation of the motor cortex (anterior sigmoid gyrus). 2. The parietal stimulation elicited early mossy fibre and late climbing fibre(More)
1. In lightly nembutalized cats, effects of high frequency (60-100/sec) repetitive stimulation of the midbrain reticular formation (RF) were tested upon the thalamo-cortical (T-C) neurones which project from the anterior ventral (VA) nucleus of the thalamus and its vicinities to the parietal association cortex and convey impulses responsible for cortical(More)
1. Thalamo-cortical (T-C) neurones projecting their axons to the motor cortex were recorded intra- or extra-cellularly in the anterior ventral and lateral ventral nuclear complex of the thalamus in lightly nembutalized cats. The T-C neurones were identified as responding antidromically to stimulation of the motor cortex, and were examined in connection with(More)
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