Tetsuo Shimono

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This paper proposes a novel CT image coding concept named LOI which stands for level of interest and coding methods based on that concept. The well-known ROI (region of interest) coding gives priority to pixels in particular regions of an image when encoding or decoding the image. Similarly, LOI coding gives priority to the pixels having a particular pixel(More)
Path generation is an optimization problem mainly performed on grid maps that combines generation of paths with minimization of their cost. Several methods that belong to the class of exhaustive searches are available; however, these methods are only able to obtain a single path as a solution for each iteration of the search. Conversely, while genetic(More)
E-health networks can remove distance and time barriers to the flow of information and knowledge for health. The types of present health information system vary from distributed to centralized systems. However, the distributed systems (peer-to-peer (P2P) systems) for health information sharing are not fully discussed. We have developed a secure, hybrid(More)
A method using genetic algorithms for path generation have been proposed; however, this method is limited to particular applications, and there are limitations on the types of paths that can be represented. This paper therefore proposes a path generation method that is applicable to more general-purpose applications compared to previous methods based on a(More)
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