Tetsuo Saeki

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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a new treatment for head and neck cancer. The principle of the treatment is a photochemical reaction initiated by light activation of a photosensitizer, which causes the death of the exposed tissue. This article presents the modes of action of PDT and the techniques as well as the clinical procedure. A critical review of the(More)
BACKGROUND The mda-7 gene (melanoma differentiation associated gene-7) is a novel tumor suppressor gene. The anti-proliferative activity of MDA-7 has been previously reported. In this report, we analyze the anti-tumor efficacy of Ad-mda7 in a broad spectrum of cancer lines. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ad-mda7-transduced cancer or normal cell lines were assayed(More)
DNA damage signaling pathways are initiated in response to chemical reagents and radiation damage, as well as in response to hypoxia. It is implicated that structural maintenance of chromosomes 1 (SMC1) is not only a component of the cohesion complex but also facilitates the activation of DNA damage checkpoint proteins. Here, we studied the mechanism of DNA(More)
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