Tetsuo Ohtomo

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BACKGROUND The members of the MCM protein family, including MCM2, MCM3, Cdc21, CDC46, Mis5 and CDC47, are considered to be involved in the control of a single round of DNA replication during S phase in eukaryotes. They bind to chromatin during G1 and detach from it during S phase as if they license the chromatin to replicate. However, unlike the originally(More)
Entire genomes of hepatitis B virus (subtype adr) have been cloned. The nucleotide sequence data were compared with other sequences of HBV genome including: adw [Valenzuela et al. (1981) in Animal Virus Genetics. Fields et al. eds. Academic Press, Inc., NY. pp. 57-70], ayw [Galibert et al. (1979) Nature, 281, 646-650], and adyw [Pasek et al. (1979) Nature(More)
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