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The aim of this study is to localize the primary sensory cortex of urogenital organs in the human brain. Using a newly developed MRI-linked magnetoencephalography system, we measured somatosensory evoked magnetic fields (SEFs) for unilateral stimuli on the dorsal penile nerve (DPN), posterior tibial nerve (PTN) and median nerve (MN). In five healthy male(More)
  • T Namima
  • 1992
The aim of this study is to clarify the physiology and pathophysiology of two striated urethral sphincters, the periurethral striated sphincter (PUS) and the external urethral sphincter (EUS), in the voiding cycle, using a selective and semi-quantitative electromyographic technique. Under ultrasonic guidance, two needle-electrodes were inserted into the two(More)
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